A Taste of Heaven...



An exquisite taste of rich elegant chocolate flavours.


Best served chilled.

Shake well before serving.


Alcohol Content: 17%

U.S. : 375ml  |  750 ml

EU: 375ml  |  500ml

Israel: 375ml  |  500ml

Kosher Certifications:



 2. kasruyot

Serving Suggestion Dark Chocolate Mousse


3 eggs

80 g sugar

600 g whipping cream

10 g butter

25 ml dark chocolate liqueur

380 g dark chocolate

100 g roasted and roughly chopped hazel nuts


Combine the eggs with the sugar and whisk until firm.

Whip the cream.

In bain-marie melt chocolate and butter. Once the chocolate has melted completely, mix with the meringue, folding them in.

Add to whipping cream.

When all are combined nicely together add the liqueur and hazel nuts and pour into a ring pan. Place in the freezer until firm. When ready, take out of the ring pan and prepare the chocolate topping.

Chocolate Topping:

100 g whipping cream

200 g dark chocolate

15 ml dark chocolate liqueur

Melt chocolate combined with whipping cream, mix in the liqueur, folding them in. Pour over

the mousse and freeze again.