A Taste of Heaven...

Heaven’s Liqueur is a tastefully crafted liqueur by master artisan, using choice authentic ingredients and the finest selected spirits.



A creamy blend of caramel and toffee revealing a rich flavorsome taste.


Best served chilled.

Shake well before serving.


Alcohol Content: 17%

U.S. : 375ml  |  750 ml

EU: 375ml  |  500ml

Israel: 375ml  |  500ml

Kosher Certifications:




2. kasruyot 

Serving Suggestion Toffee Chocolate Truffles


500 g high quality dark chocolate

250 ml whipping cream

30 ml toffee liqueur


Cocoa, ground pistachios, shredded almonds, coconut flakes, powdered sugar and chilli



2 lasagne sheets

2 ripe and pretty strawberries

2 kiwi fruit

Mint leaves

2 cups whipping cream


Almost bring the cream to boiling point. Add chocolate and remove pot from the stove.

Continue mixing until chocolate is melted.

Add the liqueur and pour into a 20×30 baking dish with baking paper on the bottom.

Place in the freezer for a few hours until hardens.

Remove chocolate from baking dish and cut into 1.5 x 1.5 cm cubes.

Optional: leave as cubes or roll as small balls. Coat each one with a different topping or


Keep refrigerated until serving. You can freeze this for longer period of time.

Serving option:

Cook lasagne for 5 minutes and dry. Cut into triangles and fry until goldens. On a serving tray

nicely place strawberries and/or kiwi fruit. Using a piping bag, decorate the fruit with whipping cream and place lasagne on top of the cream. Place 3 different coated truffles on the lasagne and garnish with mint leaves.